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Dr. Pepper

so today i got my grandma to bring me and my cousin Jordyn to the mall and when we were leaving i was sitting on the edge of the Westfield sign and Jordyn decides that the car below us was not clean enough and wanted to shower the car with her Dr.Pepper which was hilarious at first then she threw the bottle down to the middle of the parking lot and some angry dude looks at us and then started heading towards us lucky grandma was there just in time to save our asses… geniuses we are and geniuses we will stay XD


this is my 50th post and its a question… y do guys think tht when a girl says they like them that they are automatically dating?…. no thts not how it works if i say i like u i mean that i want to get to know you more not tht i wanna jump into this relationship so shut it down n chill out dudes…

jokes of the 60s

  • doctor:

    what seems to be the problem

  • patient:

    well u see those stairs over there?

  • doctor:


  • patient:

    well i didn't

  • secretary:

    sir u have a patient waiting

  • doctor:

    whats wrong with him

  • secretary:

    hes invisible

  • doctor:

    tell him i cant see him

  • (if u cud see my mind right now ud wud freak because it is blown) XDDD

there was supposed to b music but i cnt get it to work so heres a link to the song i wanted to use and the video


rapping is something im really good at i can do bustarhymes rap from look at me now faster than him, nicki minajs super bass, almost every single eminem song, ASS by big sean, keshas shit music im good at rapping, and alot more my friends say im eminem with a vagina thank you very much XD


how come when girls post pics of hot guys that they dont know they are desperate and stupid but when a guy posts pics of hot girls that they dont know theyre friends are like “o that dudes got it made, hes def not gay im gonna friend him” its like… wtf

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